Crack Filling

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How Surface Cracks Form

Water underneath your walkway, driveway, or parking lot’s surface is an enemy to your asphalt and will shorten your pavement’s lifespan. Water will find its way to the surface through those unsafe and unsightly cracks. An asphalt crack will widen and cause serious damage to the entire pavement when left unattended for long. The best way to stop water from entering the base and weakening it is to seal the cracks immediately when they get noticed. The sealing will not only stop water but will also protect the pavement against experiencing expansion that results from cracking.

Our Crack Fill Solutions

Filling asphalt repair Waco services is also necessary to prevent dirt, sand, and pebbles from entering into the cracks, which could result in further cracking. Sealing the cracks can double your pavement’s lifespan and reduce your maintenance costs. We offer knowledgeable sealing and filling services for all pavement needs.